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Bathroom Remodeling

Make Your Bathroom Clutter Free - then Enjoy!

Designing your bathroom vanity

Classic Bathroom Colors That Won't Look Outdated

Great use of space in this small master bath

Celebrating a 50th Anniversary by Remodeling a Masterbath

Bathroom Remodeling

Some great designs with information about positioning
sinks and mirrors to provide comfort and the right look. 

Living with an Older Bathroom Before the Remodel

Sometimes when planning a remodel, you have to make choices as to what room to tackle first.  Here are some ideas on how to live with an older bathroom before you are ready to remodel it.  

Rub-a-Dub-Dub. Add some color to your Tub

 The clawfoot tub never goes out of style.  These pictures make you want to grab a good book, maybe a bottle of wine and soak away the stress of the day . . .

One look at these showers with glass block, frameless glass, tile and more, and you may never settle for a basic brass frame again

The shower is one of the first things you notice when you step into a bathroom, so make sure your enclosure not only matches your style but also accentuates your bathroom.

We've all seen or lived in a home with the ever-so-famous enclosure framed in polished brass, but there are tons of other options with which to surround your shower. Whether you go for framed or frameless, or with no enclosure at all, choose your style wisely

Freestanding Tubs Are Making A Splash

Nothing says relaxing better than a warm
bath after a long day. Freestanding tubs make a
statement no matter whatyour bathroom style.